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Every lunch I pack, I include a bright, colorful post-it with different sayings: "I love my love" "XOXOXO" "Have a great day, and don't forget your homework"
Melissa Black Love Always! by Melissa Black
left them a not in lunchbox to make smile
Timothy Long great for remembering important things by Timothy Long
Wanda Torres lunch time by Wanda Torres
to let them know that they are loved & thought of daily!!!
Sherrie Cheney love notes by Sherrie Cheney
I encourage my children daily by leaving notes of reminders, compliments, encouragement & also just to let them know I'm here for them to put their weight on my shoulders & I am their mom, friend, best friend, shoulder, ear, supporter, teacher, doctor, tax & what or whom ever else they need or want me to be! That I'm here for them always have been, always will be!! "I'm A Mom, That's All I Know How To Be!" <3 <3
Jessica Kairis-Swanson How have I not used Post-it sticky notes?! by Jessica Kairis-Swanson
will write a little note and stick it in their lunch boxes to make sure when they open it at lunch they get a smile on their face and it brightens their day rather its good or bad ... and little things like keep up the awesome job, great work today in class things like that and they love em, I do it for my sweetheart in his lunch bag as well and its always a smile and better day !!!!
Angela Anderson little lunch box notes by Angela Anderson
post positive affirmation and post around the class or play room at home
Sarah DeMarco used to post positive afframation by Sarah DeMarco
my nine year old wants to read my notes, it improves her reading.
Kecia Bonaparte good reader by Kecia Bonaparte
I have place notes of encouragement on the inside of the top of the desk. Sometimes it was a note for a reward.
Teri Swanson Hidden Treasure by Teri Swanson
I tell my son how much he means to me and also to remember his goals.
Hillary McDougall Best Mom Ever by Hillary McDougall
Every single day I put a note in my daughter's lunch box. Sometimes I just draw (not very good) pictures and sometimes I write riddles. I also try to work in her weekly vocabulary words. My favorites are when I knowingly misspell words or use improper grammar. When she gets home she can't wait to call me out on it.
Sara Willis Haas Lunch Time Love by Sara Willis Haas
I like to hide them little notes hidden in their binders or attached to their homework. Sometimes I will put a little note on the clothes they have laid out for school.
Heather Graves notes from mom by Heather Graves
I love you.
Rose Tackett I love you. by Rose Tackett
Help them remember manners and also reward them...
Habibi Rose Smiles by Habibi Rose
I fold a Post-It in half sticky side facing out and use it as a book mark
Mary Nelson Book Mark by Mary Nelson
the picture will explain
Marnette Kern How a law school student takes a test by Marnette Kern
remind me what to do
Ashley Gregory reminder by Ashley Gregory
i have to put notes around to remember to do things around the house before i leave for work
Terry Phillips my reminders by Terry Phillips
When ever I have to remind myself about something I have to do in the morning I post a note on my door the night before.
Alfred Torres Door Note by Alfred Torres
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